Episode 3 Recap: Lynchings and Love Letters

Welcome to week three, Copperheads! The date is September 26, 1864. We open on an elegant dinner party at the Haverford household, where there’s a dashing fellow dressed in a tux. Oh, hey, that’s Corky. You can hardly recognize him without fifteen layers of Five Points dirt.

Hey, handsome.

Squeaky-clean Kev is getting a lot of attention from hostess Elizabeth Haverford, who’s pleased as punch that her no-good whore of a husband Winnie kicked the bucket. Now she can let loose – pass rosewater scented love notes and hang naked pictures ‘round the house. The only buzzkill in Lizzie’s life now that Winnie’s dead? Little diamond in the rough, Annie Reilly. Orphan Adopted Annie STRONGLY disapproves of HaverCork – busting in on the pair to break up the meaningful gazing and hand kissing. Poor Annie’s convinced herself that Kevin is her man. She sneaks into Corky’s home in a failed attempt to seduce him, proving you can take the girl outta Five Points, but you can’t take Five Points outta the girl. This week’s whodunit is a case riddled with racial tension – a black Reverend is accused of lynching a white Irish immigrant. In true 1864 “CSI” style, Doctor Freeman proves that the victim, Diarmuid O’Connor, was stabbed with a long needle, then hung, and then he does some nifty drip n’ sniff blood test to prove the bloody rag discovered in Reverend Garland’s home is stained with ox blood, not blood of the murdered human variety. The Rev is still Corky’s prime suspect, which strikes a nerve with Freeman. The two may have bonded on the battlefield, but Five Points isn’t quite as colorblind. “You’re Irish to the pit of your heart and you Irish know how to hate,” Freeman barks when Corcoran suggests the killer is colored. When the duo discover that it wasn’t the Rev, but an angry seamstress who killed O’Connor when he refused to pay for his suit, Corky feels momentarily vindicated. “Wait, you’re saying a Negro did kill O’Connor,” Corky asks Freeman. And in the most powerful line of the episode, a weary Freeman responds: “Yes. But as usual, you people just grabbed ANY Negro.” Burn.   FIVE (More) POINTS Everyone Knows Where Corky’s Locket Is (Except for Corky) Poor Corky. We say it every week, but the guy can’t catch a break (unless you count the fractured leg.) Practically everyone one in Five Points is buzzing about the locket - Madame Grindle pawned it to Schwarz, who sold it to Molly, who unwillingly gave it to Eva – and the Detective is completely oblivious. Do you think somebody will eventually turn the locket over? Finders Keepers! Why is Eva hiding the locket? We asked someone who knows Eva best – Franka Potente. She explained: “Corcoran probably comes over every night, at a certain hour, Corcoran and Eva fuck, they have a glass of wine, maybe they fuck again, he falls asleep, or he leaves – it’s the only peaceful routine in her life. This stupid locket would totally jeopardize all that!” Oh. Well when you put it that way... So, Did You, Uh, You Know, Kiss Her Hand? Eva’s trying to play it easy breezy, but you can tell she’s not a fan of Corky playing kiss the hand with Elizabeth Haverford. Is Eva jealous that Corky's into an uptown girl? Resentful of rich Manhattan debutantes always getting what they want? How Sara Got Her Groove Back Matthew Freeman wants a baby, but for now, the abandoned brother of a murderer will have to do. Bessie skipped town to avoid murder charges, leaving her brother Jasper helpless and hungry. The Doc scooped him up and brought him home, hoping the task of caretaker would give Sara something to do besides sulk. Here's hoping! Meet 1864's Top Candidate for Teeth Whitening What did you think of this week's episode of Copper? Add your two cents below...