Emma Thompson and Russell T Davies Team Up for 'Years & Years'

Doctor Who regenerator Russell T Davies has a new TV project in the works, with Emma Thompson slated to take the lead role.

She'll play Vivienne Rook, an outspoken celebrity turned political figure whose controversial opinions divide the nation. Variety reports the character is a "new breed of politician," an entertainer, a rebel, a trickster, and her rise to power leads to an unknown future.

Aha! The future! Though hardly the "far future" the TARDIS is capable of visiting, this new show will travel forwards in time. Called Years & Years, it'll accelerate through 15 years of political and economic turmoil after an ordinary British family converge on a crucial night in 2019.

The six-episode miniseries will feature an impressive supporting cast, including Penny Dreadful's Rory Kinnear as Stephen Lyons, a financial advisor and the family's peacekeeper, while Being Human's Russell Tovey is his brother Daniel, a hard-working housing officer.

Jessica Hynes (Paddington 2) plays their sister Edith, a dangerous "radical" dealing with a secret life, with Anne Reid (Last Tango in Halifax) as their mother. T'Nia Miller (Doctor Who) and Ruth Madeley (Cold Feet) also star.

"This is a dream cast," said Russell in a statement, "put together by [casting director] Andy Pryor, the man who found Jodie Whittaker to be Doctor Who. I'm very lucky, and very excited to start filming."

Years & Years is due to start filming today (October 26) in Manchester, England, so expect it some time in 2019. The best news? It's co-produced by the BBC and HBO, meaning it will air in both the U.K. and the U.S.

Did someone say "dream team"?