Edgar Wright to Direct the Utterly Terrifying 'The Chain'

Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) is still working on Last Night in Soho, but in the meantime, he's also signed on to direct the movie adaptation of the bestselling novel The Chain, reports Deadline. 

Adrian McKinty's 2019 thriller novel not only sounds disturbing but terrifying, in one of those, "This could happen in real life" ways. What do we mean by that? The title of the book refers to children being kidnapped, one by one, linking their parents together.

The story kicks off with a woman named Rachel. Rachel receives a phone call from another woman, a mother, saying Rachel's 11-year-old daughter has been kidnapped, and the only way for her to save her is to kidnap another child to take her place. Then, the next parent must do the same.

The woman on the phone is a part of the chain, her son has been kidnapped and she's working to get him freed.

The creators of this vicious scheme are counting on parents willing to do anything for their children. The parents are first victims, ultimately becoming criminals themselves, if they agree to the terms.

The premise sounds icky and creepy, but the novel itself has been published in 41 countries. It seems to be resonating with readers.

Wright will handle directing duties, with Jane Goldman (Kingsman: The Golden Circle) writing the script.

McKinty turned to his Twitter to share his thoughts on the project:


And this Twitter user has a suggestion for a lead actress and even the soundtrack:


Who do you want to see play Rachel?