Dominic Cooper Set to Star in AMC+ Series ‘That Dirty Black Bag’

(Photo: AMC Networks)
Dominic Cooper took the lead in AMC’s Preacher (2016-2019), starring in the title role. He’s making his return to the channel.
We can look for him in the series The Dirty Black Bag, heading to AMC+, according to AMCN.
It’s described as a reimagining of the Italian Spaghetti Western genre, revolving around the dark side of the Far West.
Cooper is set to take on the role of Arthur McCoy, a sheriff who is incorruptible but has a troubled past.
We can also look for Douglas Booth as a bounty hunter, known for stuffing his victims’ heads in a dirty black bag, with him saying, “Heads weigh less than bodies.”
We thought bounty hunters were supposed to find criminals and bring them in for due process, but, as the description says, this is the dark side.
The synopsis for the series goes on to say, “In the world of That Dirty Black Bag, there are no heroes, nobody is invincible, and predators become the prey.”
We also saw Cooper in the 2020 AMC+ series Spy City.

That is a lot of Dominic Cooper in one place…
Are you excited to see more of him on-screen?