'Doctor Who's Thirteenth Doctor Sends Out a Message of Hope via Twitter

It's not just us humans who are being impacted by the pandemic, but even alien time lords. The Thirteenth Doctor, aka Jodie Whittaker, has turned to Twitter to address the mounting concern.

The Doctor has sent out an "emergency transmission," care of the Doctor Who on BBC America Twitter handle. It appears the TARDIS has detected an upsurge in people worrying. We find the Doctor herself in self-isolation, or as she likes to put it, "Hiding. From an army of Sontarans. But keep that to yourself." Side note: Your secret is safe with us, Doctor.

She goes on to provide some very sweet and sensible tips, with a five point plan: 1) Remember, you will get through this; 2) Tell jokes. Even bad ones; 3) Be kind. Even kinder than you were yesterday; 4) Listen to science and doctors; 5) Stay strong, be positive.

She elaborates on each one, which you can hear in full below:


We really enjoyed this and hope you do, too.

If you haven't heard already, Russell T Davies will be taking part in a Doctor Who rewatch this coming Thursday, March 26 at 7pm U.K. time, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the episode "Rose." Also, Doctor Who on BBC America will be hosting a rewatch of season 12, starting this coming Monday, March 30 at 3pm EST.

Here are the deets:


So, have any jokes? Even bad ones! Although, please no naughty ones...