'Doctor Who’s Russell T Davies to Join Live Twitter Chat for 15th Anniversary of ‘Rose’

The Whoniverse banded together this past Saturday, to re-watch the 50th anniversary special "The Day of the Doctor." At 7pm U.K. time, fans worldwide logged on to watch together at the same time, using the hashtag #SavetheDay to chat via Twitter. Even former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat joined in.

Here he is in action, from his living room:


If you missed it, not to worry, there's a second e-meetup scheduled for this coming Thursday, March 26, to celebrate the 15h anniversary of "Rose," which marked the return of DW in 2005. Russell T Davies, the showrunner at the time, is following suit and he plans to join in, too. And, he's bringing "surprise extra material" with him.

As well, we can surely expect some some keen insight on the episode itself and DW in general.

Here's Davies' announcement, where he cheekily "blames" Moffat for getting him into this:


Billie Piper played companion Rose Tyler to Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor. Hmm, maybe these two will get wind that this is happening and pop up on social media.

As you can see in the above, the Thursday event will take place at 7pm U.K. time (3/2PM CST). We don't want you to log on at 7pm U.S. time and miss it! Set your alarms.

If you've been wondering what the Ninth Doctor, companions and guest stars have been up to since their DW run coming to an end, we got you with this write-up here. 

Are you going to partake in the Twitter chat?