‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Who Must Be Kidding!

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a trawl through the social media for Whovian nuggets of fan creativity and any other nonsense wonders we can find along the way.

And we begin this week with a spectacular quirk of Doctor Who fan art — namely the trend towards making Doctor Who look like it is a cartoon for very young children.

Not sure what I mean? Try this exceptionally cute Chibi Dalek for starters:

Or how about baby Eleven and baby Thirteen hanging by the suspenders?

Ta-DAH! It’s baby Eleven:

Baby Thirteen is her own keyring:

Or Ten and Eleven fighting over a fez, like siblings do:

Not to worry, Missy is here to sort everyone out:

Or how about this Ten, a mad villain straight out of a Saturday morning kid’s cartoon?

Or this jumping tableau from “The Day of the Doctor,” which is almost TOO jolly:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

Destiny of the Dalek:

• What’s your most stoutly held Doctor Who opinion?

• Ten suffers water damage:

Doctor Who sings Green Day:

• The penny drops for Nine as he recovers from that time Jackie tried to seduce him:

• Twelve and Bill — crime fighting duo:

• Whatever this is an animation test for, you’ve passed:

• Jack and Ten watch the stars:

• Melody and River meet young Amy:

• A fan-made tribute to Season 9’s credits, which were taken from a fan video in the first place:

• The downtime of the Doctor:

• Eleven gets penciled in:

• The Doctor Who credits get a low-fi remix:

• Thirteen looking like a glowing stained glass window:

• Speaking of glowing and windows:

Sad Cyberman is sad:

• But let’s finish this week with the most original spin on the opening credits we’ve seen for years. What if Doctor Who was a science fiction police procedural with a sad theme song? What if it was that plus space and Egyptians and a Cyberman’s face?