'Doctor Who's Day Roundup: The Thirteenth Doctor Speaks!

Welcome to this week's Doctor Who's Day Roundup, a TARDIS-wardrobe-sized repository of the latest goings-on in time and space.

It’s been almost a month since Jodie Whittaker was announced as the Thirteenth Doctor – but aside from a few questions we were able to put to her in the immediate aftermath, the newest holder of the TARDIS key has so far been largely quiet on the matter. But due to her appearance in the new BBC drama Trust Me, Jodie has been doing the interview rounds – which means that for the first time, we’ve been able to hear her thoughts on taking over television’s biggest role.

Speaking to BBC News, Jodie said that she "hopes that everyone's as excited as I am!" She also explained that the "hugely positive" reaction from fans was "a wonderful way to start this massive journey:"


Jodie also spoke to ITV's Lorraine show in the U.K. and elaborated further on her excitement, and just how "emotional and overwhelming" the whole process has been:


Jodie's predecessors have also been gathering to show their support, with David Tennant showing particular pride on behalf of his Broadchurch co-star while appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. "It's brilliant," the Tenth Doctor said. "I can't think of anyone better to join the gang!"


And Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston was also asked about the casting. Appearing on BBC Radio 4's Loose Ends show, Chris remarked approvingly on the attributes he and the newest Doctor have in common: "She's working class, she's Northern, what can go wrong?"

Here's what else has been happening in the world of Who this week:

• Outgoing Doctor Peter Capaldi spoke to Digital Spy on the occasion of his final filming days, reflecting on what playing the character has meant in terms of his public persona:

I think that there is clearly a responsibility, which is very easy to address, because people don't really ask very much of you. They just like you to show up, and smile at them, and be nice. And actually that's an incredibly pleasant place to be, on the other side of that. As a kid, I liked Doctor Who, so I wouldn't have liked to have met Doctor Who and found them to be rather unpleasant, or preoccupied with other things. And it doesn't take much to be friendly. So I just try to be friendly to them, that's all.

• In the same piece, Steven Moffat agreed that those who play the role "will always be an ambassador for the show. I remember us saying that when Matt Smith took over, 'You have been rude to your last taxi driver... and we don't mean for the next three years, we mean for the rest of your life!'"

• A sad piece of news, as writer Victor Pemberton has passed away at the age of 85. Pemberton was one of the rare breed of people to have both appeared in the show (in a non-speaking role in The Moonbase) and written a story: his 1968 serial Fury From The Deep, sadly entirely missing from the archives, was also notable for the introduction of a little gadget known as the sonic screwdriver.


• If you're a fan of both Doctor Who and Mystery Science Theater 3000, you probably won't want to miss the latest Rifftrax live event, which will see the team take on the classic twentieth anniversary story "The Five Doctors." The event will be simulcast to theaters across the country on August 17, and rebroadcast on August 24.

• It's hard to imagine a time before Big Finish Productions were creating their all-encompassing universe of Doctor Who audio dramas... but here's how the news that they had originally obtained the license was reported in Doctor Who Magazine all the way back in 1999. From little acorns...


• In fact, the Big Finish universe got a little bigger this past week, as their new Torchwood Series 5 — the official continuation of the spinoff drama — was finally launched:


• It's sad enough when just one of the Doctor's companions leaves, so what could be cheerier than watching a nine-minute compilation of every single departure, from Susan in 1964 to Nardole in 2017?


(Of course, Bill isn't included as she hasn't quite left the show just yet...)

• In case you've ever wanted to compare every single Police Box sign, or you're curious what the name of each typeface seen in the opening credits is, erstwhile Doctor Who Magazine editor Clayton Hickman has probably got a Twitter GIF for you. And handily, he's collected a whole bunch of them into a single "moment" for ease of reference.

• And having been responsible for the composite image that greeted Matt Smith's announcement in the role, Clayton has turned his Photoshop skills to creating "definitive" promo shots for William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton, by combining several photos of differing quality:


• Does the "D" in "TARDIS" stand for "Dimension"? Or is it... "DISCO"?


• If you're not quite ready to let the Twelfth Doctor's era go just yet, how about you try your hand at naming these episodes from a single still?

• And finally, earlier this week (August 11) saw what would have been Doctor Who theme composer Ron Grainer's 95th birthday. So in honour of this landmark, let's look back on how Grainer - whose composition was, of course, arranged by Delia Derbyshire for the show itself — arranged the theme when given the opportunity back in 1980: