‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: The Silence of the Jam

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a cosmic compendium of interstellar internet content from the last week in social media.

And we begin this week with a bedtime story. Here’s a YouTube animation retelling Trevor Baxendale’s short story “Making History,” which comes from last year’s collection Short Trips. It’s a rare outing for the First Doctor and Stephen, and concerns a peace treaty on an inhabited asteroid:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• Alex Kingston has been answering fan questions:

• Which, in turn, provoked this fan response. The Silence looking like The Jam:

• This wonderful desktop background, starring six snoozy Doctors:

• The Third Doctor meets a mysterious beast:

• …and tweaks Jo Grant’s nose:

• Here they are again, fighting the Master:

• A 1960s remix of the 1980s Who theme:

• The Second Doctor’s last stand in cartoon form:

• This remarkable thread, linking all of the Doctors with their children’s TV equivalents is perhaps a little Brit-heavy for American eyes – does anyone know who Professor Yaffle is? – but it’s worth it for gems like this:

• A TARDIS looking very like the Eleventh Doctor’s has been recreated in GMod:

• This TARDIS fashion show:

• A comprehensive guide to all the sonic screwdrivers that have appeared in the Doctor’s hands through the years:

• Thirteen finds her Ghost Monument:

• Madame Vastra and Jenny in miniature form:

• Thirteen takes K9 out for a stroll:

• And while we’re pixelating, how about this:

• Not every Dalek is infallible:

• But some are adorable:

• Thasmin share a cuddle (or two):

• Just be extremely careful when you slice it:

• This is mesmerizing:

• This is exceptionally specific, and we are HERE FOR IT:

• Here’s a mashup of all of the Doctor Who themes thus far, which turns out to be surprisingly moving:

• I’m not feline too good about this new development:

• But to bring this week to a satisfying ending, Thirteen has the last word: