'Doctor Who's Day Roundup: The (New) Doctor is In

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a festive folio of Whovian-related news and creativity from across the past week of internet. And you probably don’t need us to tell you where we’re starting this week.

It was the end, but the moment had prepared for… at the end of this year’s Christmas Special, "Twice Upon A Time," Peter Capaldi departed the TARDIS, regenerating into Jodie Whittaker. In case you somehow missed it – or if you just want to see it again, because why wouldn’t you? – here’s the moment the Thirteenth Doctor first appeared:

In tribute to the departing Twelfth Doctor, BBC America put together the following tribute with a selection of both famous and ordinary fans (including a certain someone crossing the sci-fi television divide) giving thanks to Peter for his four years in the role:


And The Fan Show spoke to writer Steven Moffat and guest stars David Bradley and Mark Gatiss about the special:


Here’s what else has been going on in time and space in this monumental week:

• It’s not just Peter Capaldi who left the show at Christmas, of course – Steven Moffat, showrunner since 2010 and writer for the series since 2005, also penned his last moments, before handing over to new showrunner Chris Chibnall for the closing scene. Radio Times gathered together this tribute from assorted other figures associated with the show – and also gave us a run through some of his finest ever moments in charge.

• Another of Doctor Who’s most steadfast writers since the 2005 revival, Mark Gatiss, has also taken his last bow on the show – although he did it with an acting role rather than a final script. Gatiss has confirmed, however, that Season 10’s "The Empress of Mars" will be his last episode for the foreseeable future – he explained to Entertainment Weekly that incoming showrunner Chibnall did sound him out about returning, but he felt that now is the time to leave.

• Peter Capaldi, meanwhile, appeared on BBC Radio 2’s Access All Areas – with host Jo Whiley, the same presenter to whom he’d originally announced his departure from the show:


Among the many things discussed in the interview, Peter weighed in on the old “Is it Doctor Who or just plain The Doctor” debate. Does this settle it once and for all?

• If "Twice Upon A Time" whetted your appetite to find out more about the First Doctor, then we’ve got you covered, with this handy quick guide to… well, just about everything about him:


• Here's a lovely timelapse (a timey-wimey-lapse?) showing the construction of not one, but two TARDISes for the shooting of the episode:


• And here's our guide to ten things you may not have known about the special.

• Just in case you’re not out of the seasonal habit just yet, why not throw this Youtube video up on your television, and enjoy a solid two hours of our “TARDIS Yule Log”?


• BBC News entertainment correspondent Lizo Mzimba has been one of Doctor Who’s staunchest celebrity fans for many years – and this week he showed us some stills from a piece he did on his original BBC training course… filmed at a Doctor Who convention all the way back in 1995!


• And former Doctor Who Magazine editor Clayton Hickman continues to turn his Photoshopping hand to old pictures from this show, this time recolouring an absolutely beautiful photo from the original pilot:


• Here’s a look at an excellent, 3D-printed Doctor Who chess set:


• And, in the spirit of the season, a gingerbread TARDIS!


• After an awfully long wait, it’s finally been announced that the soundtrack album for Season 9 – including the music from “Heaven Sent” that was also reused during the regeneration scene – will be released early next year:


• The classic Second Doctor serial "The Enemy of the World" first aired fifty years ago this week – and gave us its vision of the world fifty years hence; that is, right now! This excellent article on Hero Collector looks back at how Doctor Who has dealt with trying to show the future, especially when it then catches up with said future.

• Time for some fanart, and a gorgeous "Twice Upon a Time"-inspired painting by Sophie Cowdrey:


• A gilded Twelfth Doctor by JephWHO:


• The handing-over of the TARDIS key, depicted by WickedFox:


• And does it really count as “fan” art if you used to be the showrunner? Either way, this is a lovely welcoming of the new Doctor from Russell T Davies:


• But since it’s likely that all we’re going to want to talk about for the next year onwards is just how brilliant Jodie Whittaker is, let’s have one last bit of tribute to Peter Capaldi, with this utterly beautiful montage of his finest moments: