‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: “The Daleks Have Taken Over”

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a colossal mind-dump of the week’s best fan creativity across the timeless void of social media.

And we begin this week with a startling discovery that only came to general awareness this week.

YouTuber MI6-HQ.com unveiled a particularly interesting note of crossover between the worlds of Doctor Who and James Bond, during 1964. At the time, the First Doctor was still establishing the show, but the Daleks had proven to be an immediate hit, and scriptwriter John Hopkins found a neat way nod towards the Skaronian swines in his script for Thunderball.

Here’s the video that encapsulates what happened:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• The website My Heritage developed an AI doohickey to animate still photographs from the past, and of course, Whovians took one look at it and wondered if they could apply it to some well-loved promotional pics of the past.

Some are slightly odd, but sort of lovely too, like this one of the Third Doctor:

And some are downright gorgeous:

• This drawing has Sec’s appeal:

• How the Silence ever got to become a successful race is beyond me:

The Doctor falls (again):

• This eye-catching audio adventure cover art:

• The vacation of a lifetime (and you can get back before you leave)!

• The Doctor Who theme is recreated using just one sound, which is sort of how it was made in the first place:

• Great, now the Master is invading the LEGO dimension, too:

• This creepiness:

• A teaser trailer for the Fourth Doctor’s clash with the clone army of Sontar:

• Speaking of whom, this definitely preserves the dignity of the warrior race:

• The Third Doctor’s title credits get a video game-style remodeling:

• Did someone mention video games?

• Ten on the lookout for trouble:

• This guy built himself a TARDIS to escape lockdown:

Two drawings separated by a year:

• This ferocious First Doctor fan art:

Two Docs and a Master:

• These incredible paper Doctors:

• Not sure exactly what’s going on here but there needs to be more of it:

• And to finish this week, as a measure of the sheer temporal scale of Doctor Who, here’s a video that offers just one second from every story in the show’s history. It’s nearly SIX MINUTES LONG: