‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: The Anniversary Special

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a Gallifreyan grab-bag of stuff, nonsense and Whovian fan creativity across the last seven days on social media and the internet.

This week, there are a great many anniversaries to note and celebrate, starting with the 50th birthday of the Tenth Doctor himself, David Tennant.

FIFTY, though! That's a big one.

Oh, and some guy called Peter Capaldi had a birthday, too:

Wait, it’s this guy’s birthday, too? It’s almost as if they’re all… the… same… perso-OMG!

And amidst all of the celebrations, a somber note. It’s been ten years since Doctor Who fans lost Elisabeth Sladen, and Whovians have marked the event in their own emotional ways:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• The actual Ninth Doctor speaks! About Doctor Who! Like, NOWADAYS:

• This needlework is astonishing:

• There’s a new box set of Dalek trouble on the way:

• Oh hello! Original Torchwood is back:

• John Bishop is now officially allowed to say he’s a new companion to the Doctor, but not where he is from, OK?

• Handles takes to the stars:

Artistic Angels:

• Jake Hyde’s Doctor Who title sequence is exceptionally trippy:

• Too big, you might say:

• Of course, we absolutely do not approve of this clip, debasing the fine, noble and clean speech of the Doctor Who cast with filthy innuendo. No, not one bit:

• Is this Dalek perhaps a bit too... cute?

• Mind you, this one is too...

• Missy looks hissy:

• Thirteen’s arrival is given the fan-art treatment:

• This Doctor Who credits sequence is all jittery and sharp, much like the Doctor herself:

• Thirteen and her rainbow trousers:

• What if they made a Doctor Who anime and it needed a theme tune? Eh?

• OR a 16-bit Sixth Doctor game? Has anyone got that covered?

• Rose and her heroes:

• Whoah! What the... what?

• Let’s finish this week on a musical note. This is definitely the moment where the Doctor Who Sings team have become giddy with their own success. Enjoy!