‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Missy de Vil

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a scrapbook full of astonishing home-made wonders from the last week, taken hot off the pages of social media.

And we begin this week with a rare Doctor Who crossover video that does not focus on the Doctor in any of his or her incarnations. Instead, we present the soundtrack to the trailer for Cruella — the story of the monochrome-mad despot from 101 Dalmatians — but remade with clips of Missy instead. The glorious thing is how seamlessly they fit together:

It’s not a bad time to celebrate all things Missy either. This has all the hallmarks of a set-up and punchline:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• The Ninth Doctor is BACK:

• In exactly the same week as the 16th anniversary of his first arrival:

• This knock-kneed Sontaran at work:

• Jodie Whittaker keeps fans at arm’s length, for their own sakes:

• “The Underwater Menace” gets its own movie poster:

• Who knew that the Who theme could be cool?

• Or that Twelve was pure punk?

• Peter Capaldi’s appearance in The Suicide Squad trailer has a certain familiarity to it:

• And as a result, this was perhaps inevitable:

• Walkies do not go well for K9:

• Another stab at the Who theme, this time as if on an old gaming console:

• Whereas this is a much more modern gaming reference:

• Speaking of lo-fi delights:

• … and, er, things that are cool:

• … run for your life:

Raven not pictured:

• This eerie trailer for the already pretty spooky “Heaven Sent”:


Seven and Ace, looking rather like they’re off for a meeting with Asterix the Gaul:

• The final date, that last night together, the one that lasted a lifetime:

• A beautiful fan rescoring of the Eleventh Doctor’s final moments:

• As reluctant as we normally are to post any fan pictures from the set of as-yet-unshown Doctor Who shoots, this one is guaranteed spoiler-free and hilarious:

• Who wants to play a fake “The Daleks’ Master Plan” board game?

• And to round off this week, how about a few important words from the Doctor for anyone feeling a bit left out?