‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Inktober Begins

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a bulging portfolio of fan creativity and astonishments from the last seven days on social media and the internet.

And this week, we begin a new month and new Instagram challenge. The fan artists of Instagram have been doodling Doctor Who things for Inktober, and they’ve had a daily theme to meet, too.

Day 1 is Crystal:



Day 2 is Suit:




Day three is Vessel:



And day four is Knot, which will always be cool:



Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• BBC TV watchers found that their night’s viewing was interrupted by some random interference… with a familiar face:


• It’s not the first time the Doctor has interrupted TV:


• And naturally Twitter had jokes:



• A very stately – if slightly premature – musical goodbye to the Thirteenth Doctor:


• This is lovely: Jodie Whittaker turns up on breakfast TV to congratulate Doctor Who fan George on his new job, presenting the BBC children’s channel CBeebies:


• A beautiful stained glass Thirteen:


•… and her mode of transportation:


• This plush title sequence, stuffed with liquid landscapes:


• Fan art Rose is heartbroken:


• Thirteen has a haircut:


• And a headcut:


• A fanimation showing what the Emperor of the paradigm Daleks might look like:


• Martha and Ten get some overdue love:



• And so do Eleven and Clara:


• And Ten and Rose:


• "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" gets a movie-style poster:


• This wobbly title sequence, suggesting that Richard Ayoade is the Fourteenth Doctor:


• Thirteen stands still long enough to pose for a portrait:


• …sorry, TWO portraits:


• And to finish things off this week, here’s a treat. Russell T Davies was interviewed in 2019 by the BBC Writer’s Room, and he has a lot of tips for any prospective writers and reveals a lot about how his creative process works. Given that he’ll be doing exactly this on future Doctor Who stories right now, it seems a perfect time to revisit, and that’s clearly why this video has resurfaced:


• Oh, and while we’re on people making a return to Doctor Who, Billie Piper was asked the question, and she’s not saying no. Let’s face it, stranger things have already happened: