‘Doctor Who’ Day Roundup: Definite Doctor

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a virtual wallow in the deep waters of social media fandom over the past week or so.

We begin this week with a remarkable animation.

As part of the online tweetalong of the Doctor Who story “Love & Monsters” on Valentine’s Day, the YouTube account Doctor Who: Lockdown created an animation reintroducing the Abzorbaloff. Or AN Abzorbaloff, at least:

And what’s more, it features another competition-created monster, in the form of the deadly Krakanord. Will Grantham, who won the BBC competition to design the Abzobaloff, was the judge who picked the Krakanord — designed by Hugh Brown:

And that’s not the only Tenth Doctor animation that appeared this week. There’s also the trailer for this Roblox adventure, “Angels From Hell”:

And if you’re thinking one of those names sounds familiar, Doctor Who: Lockdown were also responsible for this gathering of musical inspiration just before Christmas. It’s a version of Abigail’s song from “A Christmas Carol”:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• Valentine’s Day, Whovian style:

• The TARDIS arrives in America and immediately blends in... sort of:

• How to draw Ten:

Clara faces the Raven:

• A beginner's guide to the Third Doctor:

• A birthday greeting from Missy in all of her haughty glory:

• A 3D rendering of the TARDIS:

• Ever wondered what the Who opening credits might look like if Michael Sheen was the 14th Doctor? Well...

• Or if Doctor Who was a 20-year-old video game?

• OR if the Thirteenth Doctor was available in cross-stitch form?

• The Fugitive Doctor rendered in ever-loving fan-art:

• Clara’s face of Christmas confusion:

• The TARDIS fam with faces, and without:

• Graham drops his lunch:

• And now let’s end this week as we started it, with people making stuff at home because they want to. A man in Westfield, Indiana has re-created the bridge from the Starship Enterprise in his house, and also the TARDIS control room. So he can beam from one TV show to the other: