'Doctor Who' Alumni David Tennant and Catherine Tate are Reuniting for Lauren Cooper Homeschooling Sketch

David Tennant and Catherine Tate starred opposite each other in Doctor Who as the Tenth Doctor and his companion Donna Noble, respectively.

They also joined forces for a 2007 Comic Relief sketch where Tate played an unruly teenager, Lauren Cooper, and Tennant as an English teacher. But, with him being Scottish, she questioned his qualifications to teach English literature.

If the sketch is new to you, or it's been a minute, it's really worth going back to watch, because it's that funny:


As part of the BBC's Big Night In, Tate will be reprising the role of Lauren, a character she originally created for The Catherine Tate Show (2004-2009), reports Metro U.K. In the forthcoming sketch, Lauren is doing her schoolwork while self-isolating, but she's "not bovvered." And Tennant will be playing her teacher once again.

Matt Baker, Sir Lenny Henry and Davina McCall will host Big Night In. While the production may not be available in the U.S., we have a sneaky feeling the clips will be released on YouTube or social media... at least we hope.

It's so fun when these two get together, like when Tate surprised Tennant at the 2019 GalaxyCon and asked during a panel, "Who's your favorite companion?" Awkwardly, it wasn't Donna Noble, but instead... Rose Tyler. That's okay, because apparently Tate's favorite Doctor is Christopher Eccleston.

We could listen to them rapid fire back and forth all day, which... is probably exactly what we can look forward to with the new Lauren the Schoolgirl clip.

If you're now thinking about Tate, here's a roundup of some fun facts about the actress that may be new to you. And, of course, Tennant is a regular on Anglophenia, with plenty of go-to posts.  

Did you watch The Catherine Tate Show when it was on in real-time?