Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts Reunite for Thriller 'Leave the World Behind'

Rumaan Alam's forthcoming novel Leave the World Behind is hitting shelves on October 6. It hasn't even published yet, and it's already been commissioned for a big screen adaptation.

The movie has already begun casting and with some serious A-listers to take the lead. Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts, who co-starred in 1993's The Pelican Brief, are back at it and will be starring opposite each other once again, reports 

The story revolves around two couples, with Washington and Roberts playing one half of their respective relationship, i.e. they aren't together. We see Amanda (Roberts) and partner Clay head to Long Island for a reprieve from city life.

Late at night, they get a knock on the door and its the homeowners of the residence they're renting. Ruth and G.H. (Washington) arrive in a panic, saying there's a blackout in the city and they're seeking refuge from the chaos of NYC.

The synopsis leads us to believe that this may not even be happening, at least not how they tell it, and that Ruth and G.H. are up to something. Amanda and Clay have no way of checking out their story, as there's no TV, internet or cell service.

Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail has signed on to direct and write the screenplay. Esmail and Roberts collaborated on the first season of the Amazon series Homecoming.

Apparently, there was a bidding war over the rights to the novel, with Netflix winning out.

The moral of the story: we really need to read this book.

What will you be reading on October 6?