David Tennant Talks About His Trouser Troubles on Set of 'Good Omens'

David Tennant took a minute to talk with BBC Radio's Lauren Lavern show about filming the TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Good Omens. When asked about any difficulties, the conversation turned to wardrobe. He had some trouble with his trousers (not pants, because those have an entirely different meaning in the U.K.).

First things first, is this breaking news? No. Is this interesting to us? Why, yes. It's a bit of fun.

Moving along... so what went on with his pants trousers? Apparently they were so tight that they dictated how he walked. One may have watched his performance as the Demon Crowley and thought, "Wow, he walks with some serious confidence." He did, but he didn't really have a choice on the matter.

In Tennant's own words, "It turns out demons wear very tight trousers, errrr, which at least gives you a walk... I suppose it is a bit of a strut, a bit of a swagger, but yeah, it was just the only way I could get around. There was no great character choice."

If you can't picture it, here's a montage of his strut, saunter, swagger — unadulterated sex appeal —  whatever you would like to call it:


It didn't stop with traditional trousers made of cloth, as there was a leather pair, which we could only imagine were even more cumbersome. Actually, we don't have to imagine, Tennant outlined the scenario, saying, "There is a leather pair, one of the time periods that I’m wearing leather trousers, that took some staff, ummm, most of the time I managed to struggle in and out myself. I don’t know how Keith Richards manages it."

His description makes us go back to the Seinfeld scene where Jerry had to help Kramer with his very tight jeans:


Alright, now we've undone the sexy part of this story.

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Oh, David. We just can't get enough of him. What about you?