David Tennant is Returning to 'Jessica Jones' Season Two... But, How?

David Tennant is having a good week (but, isn't it always great being DT?). And, good timing, with the Broadchurch season three finale airing this past Saturday (August 12), we're needing a DT-fix, asap. If you missed it, you can watch the full episode via BBC America.

Earlier this week it was announced he's starring opposite Michael Sheen in the TV adaptation of Good Omens. It was also confirmed that he'd be returning for the second season of Jessica Jones, reprising his role as baddie Zebediah Kilgrave, but, tbh... we wanted to stretch out all of this good stuff, and waited on some more JJ deets before announcing — and, they've arrived.

Entertainment Weekly shared an on-set photo of Tennant with Krysten Ritter, who takes on the title role of the reluctant street-level superhero:


It's official, Tennant is back. We can check that box. But, the question remains, in what form will Marvel be bringing Purple Man into the fold (Spoiler Alert: considering how season one ended)?

We have a little bit of insight courtesy of Twitter user @dxvid616, who has some on-set snaps. From the looks of it, Kilgrave, who has the ability of mind control, is still in Jones's head. It doesn't look like Malcolm Ducasse (Eka Danville), her neighbor, is immune, either:


The thing is, cliffhangers leave us wanting more, and writers can switch gears at any minute.

What's your theory on reintroducing Kilgrave? Does it even matter... David Tennant is back!!