David Schwimmer's British-American Hybrid Series 'Intelligence' Gets a New Trailer

There's been talk of a Friends reunion heading to HBO Max, which is still being sorted out. In the meantime, we can look for David Schwimmer, aka Ross, in the forthcoming British-based work place comedy Intelligence.

Written by Nick Mohammed (The MartianChristopher Robin), the series revolves around a sort of odd-couple dynamic, with Schwimmer taking on the role of a maverick American intelligence agent who teams up with a somewhat baffling British computer analyst (Mohammed).

If you can't quite picture Schwimmer as an intelligence agent, a new trailer shows him in action:


If you still can't quite picture him as an NSA agent, well, it is a comedy. Schwimmer has spent years honing his comedic timing, so he's not going to abandon it now (as far as we know).

He recently talked to the Radio Times about keeping Friends in mind when choosing projects, saying, "I guess it influences my choices in that the barometer has to be very high."

On signing up for Intelligence and meeting fans' expectations, he said, "I just thought it would be really fun and might meet that standard [set by Friends]. You guys will be the judge, but I think he’s (Mohammed) done a brilliant job and I’m really proud of the show."

Schwimmer was just on BBC America's The Graham Norton Show talking about his affinity for British comedy:

It's official, David Schwimmer is a member of the unofficial Anglophile Club. 

If you're in the U.K., Intelligence is currently airing on Sky One and NowTV.

NBCUniversal Global Distribution is overseeing international sales, i.e. it sounds like it's U.S.-bound.

Can you separate David Schwimmer from his role as Ross?