David Mitchell and Robert Webb Want to Bring Back 'Peep Show' When They're 'Really Old'

Peep Show stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb have said they'd like to revive the cult sitcom when they're "really old."

Mitchell and Webb starred as dysfunctional flatmates Mark and Jeremy in the popular Channel 4 series, which ran for nine seasons between 2003 and 2015. For much of the run, they were joined by Olivia Colman as Mark's sometimes girlfriend Sophie. The show was co-created and written by Jesse Armstrong – who went on to create the Emmy-winning drama series Succession – and Sam Bain.

"What we always say is that if David and I are blessed to be in good health in our 60s or whenever, to come back and do another series where Mark and Jeremy are having exactly the same conversations in exactly the same flat, but are moving into their older age, would be funny," Webb told LADbible. "I'm assuming it would be funny, maybe it would be unbelievably depressing."

Mitchell continued: "The way we have it in mind – though the need to work may intervene, who knows, we may be pitching it in six months' time – was not to do it when they were middle-aged but when they were old. So literally at least 20 years after the show finished, not seven."

Webb then added drolly: "The older the better. We'll probably be filming it in 3D, probably a holo-show by then."

Mitchell and Webb now star together in another sitcom, Back, in which they play brothers with a rather fractious relationship. You can catch Mitchell talking about Back and his friendship with Olivia Colman on the next episode of The Graham Norton Show, which airs Friday at 11pm EST on BBC America.

Check out a preview clip featuring Mitchell and British punk-pop artist Yungblud below.

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