Dan Stevens Squashes 'Downton Abbey' Movie Return Rumor... That He Started!

Downton Abbey fans have been on a little bit of an emotional roller coaster since news broke of a movie coming out as to what to expect. And, original cast member Dan Stevens didn't really help the cause when he posted an Instagram photo of himself with former co-stars (Michelle Dockery, Allen Leech), saying, "Should Matthew have a mustache for the #DowntonAbbeyMovie...?"


Oh boy! Dan, what were ya thinking? Possibly he was under the impression that fans knew it would be close to impossible for Matthew Crawley to return, because — Spoiler Alert — the character died in a car accident in the season three finale. But, of course it could've been in flashback form. And, coming to the defense of fans, the plot for the movie's story has yet to be revealed.

So, with all that said, Stevens has come clean, confirming at a TCA (Television Critics Association) event yesterday (February 4) that he won't be in the forthcoming movie, reports Deadline. Apparently, Stevens said he didn't know how the rumor got started. Hmm, please circle back to the start of this post for the answer to that.

Our guesstimate is that Stevens got caught up in the excitement of the DA movie being made. And possibly he had the desire to relive the heyday of being a Crawley. Or, we could simply categorize this under an innocent prank that went a little awry.

If you're a little peeved at Stevens, maybe this clip from The Guest will help take the edge off:


It's not like he's sitting home twiddling his thumbs, he currently stars in the FX sci-fi series Legion. He's completed filming on Lucy in the Sky, opposite Natalie Portman, which is scheduled to come out later this year.  

Is Dan Stevens still OK in your book??