Dame Judi Dench Says She Looked Like a 'Battered, Mangy Old Cat' in 'Cats'

Dame Judi Dench likes to keep it real, and she's making no exceptions when it comes to the Cats movie.

The all-star adaptation of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's long-running stage musical became one of 2018's most talked-about movies, mainly for its controversial use of so-called "digital fur technology" to transform actors including Dame Judi, Idris Elba, Sir Ian McKellen, and Jennifer Hudson into unusual-looking human-feline hybrids.

In a new interview, the actress admitted she wasn't too thrilled by her appearance in the movie, saying she looked like "a battered, mangy old cat" and "a great big orange bruiser," then adding drolly: "What’s that about?"

She also said her heavy costume was uncomfortable to film in a very cheeky way that is definitely "NSFW."

Dame Judi shared her thoughts on Cats in a new, history-making interview for British Vogue. At 85, she's the magazine's oldest ever cover star.


During the interview, Dame Judi also dismissed suggestions she might be contemplating retirement, telling Vogue journalist Giles Hattersley: “No, no, no, no. Don’t use that word, Giles. Not in this house. Not here. Wash your mouth out!”

Never change, Dame Judi.

Earlier this month, the multi-award-winning actress became an unexpected Tik Tok sensation after her grandson shared her slick dance moves on the youth social media platform.

Do you agree with Dame Judi's verdict on her Cats look?