Dame Judi Dench Reveals She Has Had First Coronavirus Jab

Dame Judi Dench has revealed that she has had her first coronavirus vaccination.

As The Independent reports, the 86-year-old actress called this "a great start" during a phone interview with BBC News. She added that she expected to receive her second and final vaccination in "something like 11 weeks' time."

She also called it a "joy" that her acting career wasn't totally halted by the pandemic, saying: "I was going to film something which has been postponed. I was, during this time, able to film with Kenneth Branagh, who wrote and directed a film about his childhood in Belfast.It was a huge relief to do something and it was exciting too at that time. Otherwise you wake up and think: 'What is the thing I will do today’ and try to get something done.'"

Last weekend, Dame Joan Collins also revealed that she has had her first coronavirus jab. Sharing a picture of her inoculation on Instagram, the 87-year-old Dynasty actress called the experience "seamless" and "painless" and urged her fellow Brits to sign up for the vaccine.

Sir Ian McKellen and The Great British Baking Show's Prue Leith have previously revealed that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have received the vaccine, too.

You can relive a hilarious Dame Judi Dench moment from The Graham Norton Show below.

Are you looking forward to seeing Dame Judi Dench in Sir Kenneth Branagh's new movie about his childhood?