Dame Helen Mirren Embraces the Small Things, Like... Toothpaste

Dame Helen Mirren hopped on video chat with ITV's Lorraine Kelly. The women had a catch-up about life in quarantine, reports Yahoo U.K. 

Mirren started off the chat by saying, "The feeling of continuity is incredibly important for people." Mirren is with her husband and is thankful for the companionship.

She explains to Kelly, "Up until that point in my life (quarantine), I was constantly packing and unpacking. And I never got to the end of a tube of toothpaste."

The Dame giggles at her own epiphany, going on to say, "This is how I suddenly realized... my husband and I were in a house in America... and I used up a WHOLE tube of toothpaste. Probably the first time in my life."

You can watch the fun exchange below:

We did some very scientific research into this — Googling — and a tube of toothpaste, depending on usage, can last up to three months. 

We can understand Mirren may not be in one place for very long, as she's always on the go. Most recently, we saw her in 2019's The Good Liar, opposite Sir Ian McKellen. Also in 2019, she starred in the historical series Catherine the Great.

Since then, she's completed filming on the forthcoming comedy biopic The Duke, detailing the theft of a famous portrait from the National Gallery in London in 1961.

We really enjoy Helen Mirren's anecdotes, what about you?