Dame Barbara Windsor's Iconic 'Carry on Camping' Bikini Sells for $13,400 at Charity Auction

(Photo: Getty Images)

The iconic bikini worn by Dame Barbara Windsor in the classic British comedy film Carry On Camping has sold for £9,500 ($13,400) at auction.

According to the BBC, the famous two-piece swimsuit was purchased by an American buyer following a bidding war conducted online and over the phone.

The vendor is donating the proceeds to the Alzheimer's Society, the charity Windsor became an ambassador for after revealing publicly in May 2018 that she had been diagnosed with the disease several years earlier. She passed away last year (December 10), at the age of 83.

Windsor wore the chartreuse cotton garment in a fondly remembered scene from 1969's Carry on Camping in which her bikini top flies off in the middle of an exercise class. It's a cheeky scene that typifies the mildly risqué but never too rude humor of the Carry On movies, which counted Windsor as a franchise regular.

According to the auctioneers, the bikini still contains small remnants of the fishing line that crew members used to pull it from her body while shooting the scene. A still of Windsor wearing the bikini in Carry On Camping was included in the order of service at her funeral, accompanied by the actress's knowing quote: "That picture will follow me to the end."

Her widower Scott Mitchell told the BBC following the auction: "It's a touching tribute to Barbara to think any item associated with that famous scene will raise money to help people living with Alzheimer's. I'd say it was fitting — but it flew off.... so it wasn't!"

You can relive the famous scene over on YouTube.

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