'Copper' Press: A Little Something for Everyone

Hey Copperheads! Here's the latest news that's fit to print on your fave 1864 drama. TV.com reviewed the first four episodes of Copper, proclaiming the series "a solid police drama, with all the genre's hard-boiled one-liners, gruesome crimes, and tortured heroes, covered in soot and caked in the blood of our nation's legacy." We agree – Tom Weston-Jones wears dirt and blood quite well. Crave Online loved last Sunday's episode, "The Empty Locket," noting, "Copper has definitely got its hooks in" and the episode "had a little something for everyone." Ato Essandoh chatted with Suite101 about nabbing the role of smartest Doc in 1864, Matthew Freeman. "When I got that audition,” Essandoh told Suite101, "I couldn’t believe it – this has got to be a joke, there’s no way there’s a character this rich. And then I got the job, I could not believe it. So I’m really honored and excited to be part of this project." Read the full interview here. And that's the latest in the world of Copper. Get excited – Sunday's almost here!