Colin Firth Breaks Down Infamous 'Bridget Jones' Fight Scene

(Photo: Getty Images)

This year marks the 25th anniversary of author Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones's Diary hitting book shelves. The story was brought to the big screen in 2001, with Renée Zellweger in the title role.

While Jones is deemed neurotic and unlucky in love, she does in fact have two suitors, played by Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.

They both like her so much, that they even get into a physical fight over her. But, we use the term "fight" loosely, as it was more of a kicking match. And, that's where Firth steps in to fill in the blanks, talking about how the scene came about.

Firth chatted with Yahoo Entertainment, saying, "As you can probably tell, we just made it up."

We couldn't tell at the time, but now that he's put it out there... it does make sense.

He admits that's not the typical way to go about filming a scene, saying, "They always tell you that you can't do that — [fights] have to be choreographed. But we just thought, 'We're playing a couple of cowardly, angry and frightened yuppies: how the hell would we know how to set a punch?'"

If you haven't seen the street duel, or if it's been a minute, here's a peek:

Apparently, a choreographer was brought in, but Firth and Grant decided to go about it in their own way, with Firth saying, "The last time these two characters fought was probably when they were 7 years old in the school playground, so this fight will probably look exactly like that. And in the end, that's what it was! It's one of the most organic things ever committed to film."

Now it makes us want to see the two gents reenact this scene in the current day, 2o years later...

Should we start a petition to make this happen?