Chris Evans Set to Star Opposite Daniel Craig After Wrapping on 'Avengers 4'

Just yesterday, Chris Evans completed filming on Avengers 4, marking the end of his run as Captain America. He shared his thoughts via Twitter:

Did everyone take a moment of silence to say goodbye to Evans as Captain America? Okay, it's not that sad. After all, he already has a new project lined up, starring alongside James Bond himself, aka Daniel Craig.

According to Deadline, the two actors will appear in the forthcoming Knives Out, written and directed by Rian Johnson (Star Wars: The Last Jedi). The film is being described as a modern murder mystery in a classic whodunit style.

Anyone else getting a Murder on the Orient Express vibe? Coincidentally, Johnson talked to Deadline about being a fan of Agatha Christie's writing, explaining that he loves the author's "rich characters and twists and turns in the locked-door mansion murder mystery format." Apparently, he's been working on a contemporary version for a decade, and finished the script this past summer.

He even went so far as to describe Craig as "a new Poirot." Okay, we are onto something! We didn't just imagine the connection between the two whodunit concepts.

In addition to Evans and Craig, we can look for an ensemble cast of six to eight actors, though no other names have been revealed. We also don't know anything about the plot.

It's all very mysterious. Then again, Knives Out is a whodunit, so by keeping things under wraps, production is sticking with the theme.

Knives Out is in pre-production and is set to start shooting in November of this year.

If Daniel Craig is a modern-day version of Hercule Poirot, then who is Chris Evans set to play?