'Catastrophe' Co-Creator Sharon Horgan Working on New Comedy Series

Actress-writer Sharon Horgan, who co-created hit shows like Catastrophe (2015-2018) and Pulling (2006-2008), and solely created the HBO series Divorce, is at it again. Horgan tends to lean toward topics that examine the difficulty of navigating life and the humor that can be drawn out of some pretty terrible situations. Sometimes, you just gotta laugh...

This time around, Horgan is teaming up with Amazon on a series that revolves around a "socially awkward, broke, single woman," reports Deadline. In an attempt to pull herself up by the bootstraps, this down and out woman (Horgan) starts a self-help company. But, rather than being the face of the company, she stays behind the scenes, and recruits a former male gymnast to interact with clients, played by Billy Magnussen (Maniac).

According to Deadline, Horgan reached out to Magnussen after starring with him in the 2018 action-comedy Game Night.


Amazon has already committed to the series, going the script-to-series route vs. having a test run with a pilot. Horgan will be working with John Hamburg, who wrote the screenplay for Meet the Parents (2000) and its two follow-up sequels. Hamburg collaborates regularly with Ian Helfer (Why Him?), who will also be a part of creating the series.

In other Sharon Horgan news, she's making her feature directorial debut with the movie The New World, an adaptation of Chris Adrian and Eli Horowitz's 2014 sci-fi/supernatural novel by the same name. The announcement was just made yesterday (August 23) via Deadline, and there's no mention of a start date just yet.

Are you feeling good about Sharon Horgan's latest project?