'Catastrophe' Co-Creator Sharon Horgan Has a New Horror-Comedy Show in the Works

Sharon Horgan is adding a new TV show to her roster of hits, which currently includes Pulling, Catastrophe and Divorce, reports ComingSoon.net. She seems to lean toward female-driven comedies, but this time around she's veering a bit...

Horgan is sticking to comedy, and it is female-driven, but is also throwing in some horror. She's not at it alone, though — she's working with Trial & Errror co-creator Jeff Astrof.

The new series, which is yet to be titled, centers on a family who moves from the city to the country for more space and more peace of mind. That's typically the plan, but as plans do... they change. According to the series' description, they relocated "into a house in which terrible atrocities have taken place." The mom notices something is up, but she's the only one. It gets to the point that she think she might be losing it.

With a setup like that, the story can go anywhere. And with Horgan at the helm, we can all expect the unexpected.

If you're not familiar with Horgan's earlier work, here's a peek at the trailers for all three series mentioned above:




There's no word on the start date, but once the series lands you can look for it over at Starz.

Hmm, who do you think should play the mom??