Casting News: Tina Fey to Star in Murder-Mystery Movie 'Maggie Moore(s)'

Tina Fey spends a lot of her time behind the camera — she's currently a co-creator and writer for Mr. Mayor starring Ted Danson — so, whenever she pops up on-screen, we are pleasantly surprised.

We can look for her in the forthcoming murder-mystery movie Maggie Moore(s), reports Deadline. Please note, that is not a typo, as there are two women killed in the story, and they both have the same name.

The fact that they have the same name is even more surprising with them all living in a tiny town, where nothing happens. Funny that there are two Maggie Moore(s) in such a small space. We're guessing there's a reason behind the unexplained coincidence, but we're left wanting more at this point.

Fey will be reuniting with Jon Hamm, who guest-starred in Fey's fan favorite series 30 Rock for seven episodes. He also popped up in Fey's other hugely popular show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, starring in 13 episodes.

It's not clear what roles they will be taking on, but the story revolves around a police chief assigned to investigating the back-to-back murders of the two Maggies. It could easily go to either Fey or Hamm.

This marks director John Slattery's second feature film, following up his 2014 debut God's Pocket.

If you're wondering if Fey and Hamm have on-screen chemistry, let's go back to 2009 when they dated on-screen:

The start date on their new movie has yet to be announced, but we're hoping for sooner than later.

Who do you think should play the police chief!? We're leaning toward Fey...