Casting News: The FOX 'X-Men' Series Confirms Its Two Leads

The "other" X-Men series doesn't have a name yet, but the forthcoming FOX program is getting momentum. It's in the works, and now we know who will take the lead. And we think you're going to be keen on who — times two, actually — they are...

You're probably very aware of Stephen Moyer, who starred in HBO's hit and fan favorite series, True Blood, from 2008 through 2014. He's now signed on for the Marvel adaptation, and will be taking on the role of Reed Stewart, who learns he is a parent to mutant children. Amy Acker, who's an Angel alum and starred in Person of Interest (2012-2016), will play his wife, Kate.

When the two learn of their children's abilities the family goes on the run, with a government agency after them. They're not quite on their own, though, learning they have a support group made up of other super beings.

If you want to catch up with the two actors, here's a look at some of their recent work.

Moyer starred opposite his now wife, Anna Paquin, as lovers in True Blood:

Acker took on the role of Samantha Groves in Person of Interest:

We can also look for Emma Dumont (Pretty Little Liars) as Polaris, Magneto's daughter. Umm, Magneto has a daughter? Apparently! So, who's the mom? That's one family sci-fi sitcom we'd watch, for sure. And, upon further investigation, here's the answer to Magneto's family dynamic.

But back to our casting update... Jamie Chung (Gotham) will star as Blink. Percy Hynes White (Murdoch Mysteries) is set to play a loner kid, but we're not sure if he leans more toward human or mutant at this point. Sean Teale (Skins) and Blair Redford (The Lying Game) round out the cast, but their roles have yet to be announced.

Writer Max Nix and director Bryan Singer will bring the series to screen, though no air date has been announced yet. So, there's a lot we do know about the show, but that does still leave us with one burning question: what are they going to call it?

Do you have any title suggestions?