Casting News: 'The Big Bang Theory's' Kaley Cuoco to Star in Murder-Mystery Series 'The Flight Attendant'

The cast of The Big Bang Theory took their final bow on May 16, ending the 12-season run of the popular series.

While this may be a love-loss for fans, original cast member Kaley Cuoco, who starred as Penny, isn't spending any time mourning. She's ready to work and has signed on for a new series called The Flight Attendant, based on the 2018 murder-mystery novel by Chris Bohjalian, reports Deadline. 

What role is she playing? You guessed it: a flight attendant. There are no details on the series itself, but if it follows the novel, her character is named Cassandra Bowden. During a layover in Dubai, Bowden wakes up in a hotel room, hungover, and shocked to find a dead body next to her.

Rather than notifying the authorities, she returns to NYC with her flight crew as if nothing has happened. But upon arrival she's greeted by FBI agents. Her memory of the night is fragmented and she even wonders if she may be guilty of murder.

Cuoco's involvement with The Flight Attendant didn't happen overnight. Her production company, Yes, Norman Productions, optioned the serialization rights to the book before it was even published. Cuoco will also act as executive-producer.

We can look for The Flight Attendant in 2020, premiering on the forthcoming WarnerMedia streaming service.

With the The Big Bang Theory being a Warner Bros. production, Cuoco released a statement saying, "They're stuck with me now!"

Are you excited to see The Big Bang Theory gang move on to new stuff?