Casting News: Michael Sheen to Play a Serial Killer in 'Prodigal Son' Series

Michael Sheen has completed filming on Neil Gaiman's Good Omens, where he plays the angel Aziraphale. He's switching gears for his next role, going the complete opposite direction on the moral compass, signing on to portray a serial killer in the forthcoming thriller Prodigal Son, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The story revolves around a criminal psychologist who has an understanding of the inner-thinking of psychopaths, due to his own father being a convicted serial killer known as "The Surgeon." Sheen is set to play the father, with the son yet to be cast.

According to the description, the "darkly comedic" series will follow The Surgeon's son, Malcolm Bright, as he helps the NYPD solve crimes, catch killers, while trying to manage his relationship with his parents... his mother being manipulative and his father, well, being homicidal.

The Surgeon is currently behind bars for killing over 20 people, but he hasn't given up on bonding with his son. Whoa, a helicopter parent hovering from prison? That adds up for some serious familial drama.

As of now Prodigal Son has been confirmed for a pilot, but there's no word on whether it will go to series. Once it's a-go, Prodigal Son will air over on FOX.

If you're keen on the killer-thriller genre, check out this post we did on 7 Psychopaths We Can't Help but Love (of course, inspired by BBC America's Villanelle).

You can look for Sheen in Good Omens, opposite David Tennant, launching globally via Amazon Prime on May 31 and in the U.K. via BBC Two.

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