Casting News: Kristen Wiig Takes On a Complex Role in Killer-Thriller 'The Husbands'

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We recently saw Kristen Wiig as a baddie in 2020's Wonder Woman: 1984, opposite Gal Gadot in the title role. Wiig's character, Barbara Minevera/Cheetah, isn't all villain, maybe more like misunderstood and desperate to fit in.

Speeding up to now, Wiig has a new role lined up, signed on to star in the movie adaptation of Chandler Baker's 2021 novel The Husbands, which is set to publish on August 3, reports Deadline. 

If you're getting a Stepford Wives vibe from the title alone, there's a reason. The story is being compared to the 1972 novel, which was also adapted for the big screen in 1975 and 2004.

Wiig is set to take on the lead role, based on Baker's screenplay, portraying a working mother who finds herself struggling to have-it-all. She is happily married, works as an attorney, but according to the book's description, she feels like she's working harder than her husband.

When house-hunting, she meets a group of women who all seem to have a better handle on things, and aren't so frayed.

Wiig's character agrees to help one of the women with a wrongful death lawsuit, involving the woman's deceased husband.

But, after some investigating... was it a wrongful death? Or, more likely murder?

It's not clear if the attorney is troubled by this... or... if it's giving her ideas on how to get her husband to help out more.

If you'd like to get a head start, Baker's forthcoming novel will be available on August 3.

The start date for the movie adaptation has yet to be announced.

In the meantime, let's take a peek at some of our favorite roles of Wiig's, which have evolved over the years. 

Are you looking forward to seeing Kristen Wiig in a new genre?