Casting News: Jennifer Lawrence to Star in True Crime Movie 'Mob Girl'

Jennifer Lawrence is getting ready to join the mob – well, in the movies, anyway. The Oscar-winning actress has signed up to produce and star in Mob Girl, an adaptation of Teresa Carpenter's non-fiction book about mafia informant and "mob moll" Arlyne Brickman.

Brickman's life story is definitely fascinating. She grew up in New York City's Lower East Side and became involved with Italian mobsters as a teenager when she began frequenting mafia nightclubs. She dated members of the mob and later assisted them as an errand-runner, before turning on them when a mafioso loan shark threatened to harm her 18-year-old daughter.

At this point, Brickman contacted the FBI and became a key informant who helped to convict a member of one of the Big Apple's most notorious organized crime families. Paolo Sorrentino (Youth, Il Divo) is directing the movie adaptation of from a screenplay by Angelina Burnett (TV's Hannibal and Genius), Variety reports.

“Seeing this story from a woman’s point of view is a fresh and exciting approach to telling a classic mob story,” said Brad Weston of Makeready, the production company behind the movie. "“We could not imagine a more perfect team of stellar filmmakers, with Jennifer starring in a tour de force role and Paolo at the helm, to bring Arlyne’s strength and unique perspective to life on screen.”

In 2016, at the age of 26, Lawrence became the youngest actor to rack up four Academy Award nominations. Is it too soon to wonder whether Mob Girl could take her super-impressive tally to five? Watch this space.

Are you excited to see Jennifer Lawrence as a "mob moll"?