Casting News: Jamie Dornan to Star in True Crime Podcast Adaptation 'Dr. Death'

Jamie Dornan has signed up for what sounds like his darkest role since playing a serial killer in BBC drama The Fall.

The Fifty Shades of Grey actor is to star in Dr. Death, a true crime series based on the hugely popular podcast of the same name. He'll play Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a once brilliant Dallas neurosurgeon whose glittering career grounds to a halt when a number of patients entering his operating room for seemingly routine spinal surgeries leave either dead or maimed.

Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater will co-star as two fellow surgeons with very different personalities – Baldwin's cautious and methodical, Slater's more fiery and impulsive – who team up to stop "Dr. Death" from taking any more lives.

According to Deadline, the limited series is being made by Universal Content Productions (UCP), who will shop it to various networks and streaming services now they have casting confirmed. UCP used the same strategy with Julia Roberts-led podcast adaptation Homecoming, which was picked up by Amazon.

Dornan's most recent TV role came in last year's Death and Nightingales, an Irish period drama from The Fall creator Alan Cubitt. Dornan played Liam Ward, a charming and persuasive man who tries to tempt a young woman away from her controlling stepfather.

At the time, he discussed why he is often dawn to darker roles, saying: “There’s a lot about Liam that is hard to work out. The sort of manipulation and the darkness that he possesses is something that I relish, you know; I think a lot of actors relish the idea of that."

Are you intrigued by Dr. Death?