Casting News: Gillian Anderson to Portray Eleanor Roosevelt in 'The First Lady' Series

We just saw Gillian Anderson as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in season four of The Crown, and now she is set to play another political figure, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, reports Deadline.

The history books are topped-up with biographical information about former American presidents, but what about the women who lived and worked beside them in The White House? That's where Showtime's new anthology series The First Lady steps in.

The series won't just focus on the women and their lives as presidential spouses, but explore what got them there. The first season revolves around Michelle Obama, Betty Ford and Eleanor Roosevelt.

We will see Obama as a student, whose maiden name was LaVaughn, as she makes her way through Harvard University as an undergraduate and then Princeton Law School. Obama, as we know her now, will be portrayed by Viola Davis.

When we meet Ford, maiden name Warren, she's living in NYC, training to be a dancer. Then in her 20s, she moves to Michigan, where she marries Gerald Ford. Michelle Pfeiffer will take on the role of the first lady in her later years.

The series' synopsis doesn't provide a starting point on Roosevelt's particular story, but she grew up in NYC, so we imagine it will take place on the East Coast. And, her maiden name was... Roosevelt, marrying her father's fifth cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

While details on Anderson's storyline are limited, the folks at Showtime are beyond excited to talk about her joining the ensemble cast, with Amy Israel, EVP Scripted Programming, saying, "Gillian Anderson is an actress of incredible range and exquisite talent, she is the perfect choice to complete this powerhouse trio, who will inhabit the roles of these iconic women,” reports Deadline.

Israel addresses the latest castings and what it means as a whole: “It’s inspiring to have Gillian, Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susanne Bier and Cathy Schulman at the forefront of The First Lady. They have truly set the stage for a landmark Showtime series.”

It's predicted that we can look for The First Lady later this year.

Are you keen to learn more about these history makers' early beginnings?