Casting News: Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall Return for 'Coming to America 2'

Eddie Murphy will be reprising his 1988 role as Prince Akeem in Coming to America 2, which will be coming to... Amazon.

The sequel was originally intended for the big screen, but because of the pandemic, Paramount has worked out a deal with Amazon Studios for the movie to be available via streaming, reports Empire Online. 

In the follow-up, we see Akeem is being groomed to become the next King of Zamuda. When he learns he has a son (Jermaine Fowler) in the U.S., he makes his way stateside. Akeem doesn't go it alone, though, with his trusted companion Semmi (Arsenio Hall) accompanying him.

Akeem's father's dying wish was for his grandson to learn about his heritage. Akeem and Semmi find themselves back in Queens, NYC.

Back where this expat story began:

We find the premise intriguing, like what is his son going to think when he finds out his father is a prince? And that he himself is about to be a prince-in-the-making?

This has the makings of a fun, funny moviegoing ride.

And, if all falls into place, we can thank director Craig Brewer (Empire) for continuing the story.

Are you up for another royal pilgrimage, led by Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall?