Casting News: Chloë Grace Moretz to Star in Sci-Fi Series 'The Peripheral'

Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass) popped up in three episodes of 30 Rock (2011-2013) and is now making her return to TV.

She's signed on to star in the on-screen adaptation of William Gibson’s 2014 sci-fi/thriller/mystery novel The Peripheral, reports 

Moretz will play a young woman named Flynne Fisher, who lives in a small, rural town where there isn't much going on. Her character is "smart, ambitious and... doomed." Doomed is right, as she's described as not having a future. That is, until the future comes to her.

When her brother takes the day off work, she fills in for him as a security guard in a virtual world, that looks a lot like London but much more empty. There, she witnesses a murder. Or, at least she thinks she does. It's not clear what's real and what's not real.

The story goes back and forth between two storylines and two time periods. We can also look for a character named Wilf Netherton, who lives in the 22nd century, seventy years after Fisher's time. He also witnesses a murder.

With two different characters, in two different eras, we can expect some time-travel, even if it's digital.

This NPR review from when the book was first published helps fill in some of the blanks. 

If you're getting a Westworld vibe, you might be happy to hear that its creators, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, will be executive-producing. Scott B. Smith (A Simple Plan) will write the script and act as a showrunner, with Vincenzo Natali (Westworld) to direct.

Are you up for sci-fi, mystery and thriller all in one space?