Casting News: 'Catastrophe's Rob Delaney Starring in 'Tom and Jerry' Movie

Yes, that Tom and Jerry. The enemy-sometimes-frenemy cat and mouse duo are getting a modern-day update to highlight their hijinx. And Catastrophe star Rob Delaney will help bring the story to the big screen.

Tom and Jerry were first introduced to the world in 1940, with the original animated series running until 1967. A lot of us grew up watching repeats of the original and there have been other iterations of the show that came later.

The next version will be both live-action and animated. The story revolves around a young career woman (Chloë Grace Moretz), whose main focus is on her job at a high-end hotel. But, she has a problem, in the form of... a mouse. Enter: Jerry. Moretz hires Tom to get rid of this pest.

Oh, boy! We never know who to put our money on in these scenarios, Jerry tends to get the upper-hand, at least based on what we've seen in the past. But, Moretz's character may lose her job if that's the case.

It's not clear what role Delaney will play, but based on his comedic hijinx in Catstrophe, which he co-writes and co-stars with Sharon Horgan, we trust he will add to the tomfoolery headed our way with the Tom and Jerry movie. In addition to Moretz and Delaney, we can look for Ken Jeong and Michael Peña. Tom and Jerry are pretty much silent, but Brian Stepaneck is listed as the actor to voice Tom... possibly some squeals of alarm when Jerry traps him.

This isn't the first big screen adaptation, with an animated film hitting theaters in 1993.

You can look for the Tom and Jerry movie in 2021.

Are you getting the warm fuzzies thinking about this?