Casting News: Armie Hammer and Mads Mikkelsen to Star in 'The Billion Dollar Spy'

(Photo: Getty Images)

The on-screen spy game is at full force, with another movie adaptation of a real-life espionage story coming out.

Armie Hammer (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) is set to take on the role of CIA agent Brad Reid in the Billion Dollar Spy, reports The Hollywood Reporter. 

The story takes place during the Cold War, with Reid based in the CIA's Moscow station. There, he befriends a Soviet engineer by the name of Adolf Tolkachev (Mads Mikkelsen). According to the movie description, Reid is warned by his supervisors that Tolkachev may be a KGB "dangle," which means he's pretending to want to defect, but really... it's a trap.

Reid ignores the warning and the two become fast fiends. Reid goes with his gut and trusts this man, who offers to help Reid and his family avoid Soviet Union corruption.

Since this is being made into a movie, we have a gut feeling that... maybe he wasn't so trustworthy?

This New York Times review of David E. Hoffman's 2016 book, which the movie is based on, provides some background. It gives insight into the title... as to who the term "The Billion Dollar Spy" is actually referring to and why.

Benjamin August (Remember) will write the screenplay, with Amma Asante (Mrs. America) set to direct.

This project is in the early stages, with a release date still to come.

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