Casting News: Amy Adams to Star in Dark Comedy 'Nightbitch'

We are pro-woman and would never use the "B" word in a negative connotation. Before we get started, we should point out, the name of this movie refers to a female dog.

With that said, Amy Adams is set to play a stay-at-home mom who is suffering from severe isolation, with the exception of her two-year-old son, and is convinced she's turning into a... dog.

We did not see that coming.

Nightbitch is based on Rachel Yoder's forthcoming 2021 novel by the same name. This is Yoder's debut novel and she's also set to write the screenplay, reports 

The heroine of the book goes unnamed. She is a former artist and after having her baby boy, she decides to stay home with him. That all sounds quite normal. Her husband travels for work five days a week. So she's not just alone... she's alone-alone. According to the book's description, she starts to deal with "the very real physical manifestations of her solitary anxiety."

We're led to believe that this is actually happening, and her turning into a dog isn't a figment of her imagination. As well, she has a "disastrous" altercation with the family cat. Oh, that does not sound good.

She seeks refuge in an herbal multi-level marketing scheme run by a group of fellow moms, who are all named Jen.

That last bit gives us a Stepford Wives vibe. But, maybe more in a modern day robo-mom, taking care of business, kind of way.

We shall have to either wait for the book to come out or the movie, whichever comes first, to figure out exactly what is going on here. Either way, it leaves us intrigued.

A director has yet to be confirmed.

Do you have any suggestions for a director?