BUZZFEED: Things We Really Missed Out On In The 1860s

From our partners at Buzzfeed: The unification of a nation, the dawn of a new era of science and reasoning, the golden age of literature… life in the 1860s was so more romantic than life today. (Minus the typhoid.) If you find yourself feeling nostalgic for our favorite bygone decade, tune into the premiere of BBC America’s new series, Copper. Coming Sunday, August 19th on BBC America. Bicycle Travel Bicycle Travel The 1860s saw a huge rise in popularity for bicycle commuting that would last for the next 40 years. Many modern roadways were originally built to accommodate bicycle commuters. These days, bicycles are often an afterthought, and bicycle lanes are often blocked, if a road even has them at all. Politics Politics In the 1860s, Lincoln sought to abolish slavery and unify America during the Civil War. Lincoln penned the Gettysburg Address, inspiring a nation torn apart by ideological differences engaged in the bloodiest war our nation has ever seen. Mitt Romney recently released an iPhone app. He misspelled "America" as "Amercia" on the title screen. Literature Literature Leo Tolstoy first published his finest literary achievement, War and Peace, in 1869. The novel is now widely regarded as one of the most important works of world literature. In 2011, E. L. James published her book, Fifty Shades of Grey, which has topped best-seller lists around the world and has sold around ten million copies. It's an erotic novel about BDSM based on Twilight fan-fiction. Read more at Buzzfeed: Things We Really Missed Out On In The 1860s