Buzzfeed: Facial Hairstyles We Wish Would Make a Comeback

From our partners at Buzzfeed: These days, everyone’s all about the scruff. Boooooring! Take a page out of the history books and inspire your modern day look—just like these guys. Then, see the origins of some of the most famous facial hair in season two of Copper, premiering on Sunday, June 23rd at 10/9c only on BBC America.

1. Handlebar Moustache

Handlebar Moustache
There’s no arguing against the handlebar moustache being the most dignified of ‘staches. So why is it no longer en vogue? Simple: Millennials are too damn lazy. Who has time to be waxing your facial hair when you could be Vining your breakfast cereal? Listen: Take the time. In the above picture, we see a very good-looking dog. Clearly this man knew there was only one way he could look more put-together than that dog: by maintaining a handsome handlebar moustache. (Source: berzinsky  /  via:

2. Chin Curtain

Chin Curtain
Conceptually, the chin curtain sounds a bit upsetting. It’s a style based on highlighting one’s chin and jawline—ONLY one’s chin and jawline. But let’s think about it. Who’s the guy that popularized the chin curtain… oh. Abraham Lincoln—heard of him? Well, he did a ton of great stuff back in the 1860s, and though he might not have been strictly a “ladies man,” he did pretty well for himself. (Source: jpellegrini1983  /  via:

3. Fu Manchu

Fu Manchu
The fu manchu has a storied history. Kind of. There are some documented instances of it throughout history, starting with Joshua Chamberlain back in the mid-1850s, but it wasn’t till the literal Fu Manchu serialization came out in Britain in 1923 that there was finally a name for such an aggressive dedication to one’s moustache. Though it started in Britain, with this guy’s dye job, it’s a wonder this style hasn’t taken off in the US (yet). (Source: rossvp61  /  via: