Bruce Willis is Back as 'Die Hard's John McClane... But, Not as Expected

There have been little hints on the internet that Die Hard might be coming back, but in what way?
Rumer Willis, action star Bruce Willis' daughter, put up a tweet over the weekend, saying, "Die Hard is Back." But, it was a prelude to...  Willis reprising his role as Detective John McClane for a car battery commercial versus a sequel to the franchise.
We see him at an emptied construction site and his car won't start. He gives himself a little pep talk, thinking out loud, "Well, you wanted the quiet life, John. Dead batteries. Empty streets."
What's a guy to do!? He ventures out, coming across an auto parts store, where they sell... DieHard batteries. Of course, he doesn't just walk in and out with the battery — that would be way too simple — he army crawls his way through an airshaft in the ceiling. We also see the return of original cast members De’voreaux White, who portrays limousine driver Argyle, and Clarence Gilyard Jr. as Theo, a baddie computer hacker.
While this is deemed a commercial, it comes across as a mini two-minute movie:

It has people wondering, or at the least, hoping, we might be getting more Die Hard for real.
At this point, there are five Die Hard movies, with the original premiering in 1988 and the most recent being 2013's A Good Day to Die Hard.
Does this commercial leave you wanting more?