Brad Pitt's 'World War Z' Sequel Confirmed with David Fincher to Direct

It turns out the world did not come to an end in the zombie pandemic movie, World War Z. Better news still is that Brad Pitt is set to return for the sequel, which will start filming June 2019.

Producers Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner confirmed the start date, when talking to Variety at the red carpet premiere for Beautiful Boy yesterday (October 8):

Pitt will be reuniting with director David Fincher — the actor and director combo's fourth project together after Se7en (1995), Fight Club (1999) and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008).

Fincher has only done one sequel to date, which happened to be his film debut, Alien 3 (1992), according to His most recent feature was the 2014 adaptation of Gillian Flynn's killer-thriller Gone Girl.

The original World War Z, which premiered in 2013 and was directed by Marc Forster (Stranger Than Fiction), is based on the 2006 horror novel by Max Brooks. It's narrated by Pitt's character, United Nations employee, Gerry Lane, who travels the world investigating the zombie pandemic. Or, more specifically, how to stop it. He witnesses zombies ignoring certain types of people, those who are sick or weak, and he comes up with a theory based on the zombies' desire to reproduce.

In case you missed it, here's a look at the trailer for the 2013 blockbuster:

The new film is being described as, drumroll please... "plot unknown." Which isn't all that shocking considering the screenplay hasn't even been written yet. But, we do know that Utopia (2013-2014) creator Dennis Kelly will be writing the script. He also collaborated with Sharon Horgan on the comedy Pulling (2006-2009).

While we don't expect World War Z 2 to be a gut-buster, it wouldn't be the first zombie movie with an element of comic relief.

Do you think changing directors will alter the feel of the franchise?