Benedict Cumberbatch Gives Thanks to ‘Sherlock’

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Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the busiest actors in the business, starring in a number of genres. Our favorite role of his to date is as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic character Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock.
His performance is so transfixing, it’s… addictive:

In an interview with The Talks, Cumberbatch was asked if joining Marvel was a milestone for him, with Cumbertach revisiting the past, saying, “Well, as for this being a bigger pond than Sherlock…I don’t think it is. I think Sherlock for me has had a bigger reach than something like Doctor Strange because it’s television; it’s more democratic, more people have seen it. The reach that program has had is extraordinary.”
It’s not just that he enjoyed the experience of filming Sherlock, it seems he has something in common with the character. Sherlock Holmes is known to go into his “Mind Palace” to deduce a problem. It seems Cumberbatch calls on something similar to manage stress.
He practices Buddhist meditation to “access a stillness in the mind.” It’s described as a person being able to separate himself from his thoughts. Cumberbatch explains it in his own words, saying, “It’s not some wishy-washy thing that is cool to do because The Beatles were doing it. It has been empiricized along with sleep. I like sleep as well, but as a dad you don’t get too much of that. And anyone can do it!”
One little question turned into all of that. We like it and we like where he’s going with this “sleep training for adults.” And we definitely like hearing his thoughts on Sherlock.
If Sherlock is new to you, you can find the complete series over at Amazon Prime.
Are you Googling Mind Palace right about now?