Benedict Cumberbatch Accepts Role as President of Drama at Alma Mater

Having conquered TV, film and theater, Benedict Cumberbatch is ready for a new role.

And, while he can handle many assignments, he doesn't necessarily accept everything that comes his way, because he's just so darn busy. But when invited to reside over young actors at the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art, a school he once attended, he said... YES.

The Sherlock actor graduated in 2000, and now, 18 years later, he's set to take over for the current president of LAMDA, Timothy West.

Cumberbatch said, it would be "an honor to watch the next generation of actors, directors and technicians blossom," reports BBC News.

West has been the head of the school for the past 31 years, and is keen on Cumberbatch stepping in, saying in a release, "LAMDA's president now should, I feel, be a visible and potent power in our profession."

Cumberbatch definitely checks off both of those boxes, being a highly visible, powerhouse actor.

West elaborated on Cumberbatch taking up the job offer, saying, "When I heard that Benedict Cumberbatch had accepted our invitation to take over the presidency, I was overjoyed."

While being called into the principal's office may not be a thing at a drama school, being called to the president's for a chat... well, that sounds even scarier. But with Cumberbatch in office, we're sure students will relish any face-to-face time they can get with the famously lovely actor, whose unrelenting schedule means he's unlikely to be doing the traditional nine-to-five.

This new leadership role is pretty exciting news, but let's not forget, Cumberbatch's main gig as a public figure is to take the lead on-screen, and we are super excited to look for him in the forthcoming Showtime miniseries Melrose, premiering later this year. Also, he's completed filming on Avengers: Infinity War, hitting theaters this May, where he will reprise his role as Dr. Stephen Strange.

Are you impressed by Benedict Cumberbatch's loyalty to his old stomping ground?